„Kafka meets Monty Python“ or after „The Barefoot Emperor“’s world premiere at Toronto 2019

Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens’ film continues the story of one king’s journey through the Balkans – with charming Peter Van den Begin in the role of King of the Belgians and also the legendary Geraldine Chaplin and Udo Kier

The world reunited with the characters of Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens at the Toronto Festival - one of the five most respected film forums in the world. In front of full halls and applause from the audience, the journey of the famous King Nicholas III continues, and the story created by the two screenwriters and directors meets us with seemingly absurd but strikingly possible events. Here are some of the movie reviews:

„This is Kafka meets Monty Python and feels like a Roy Andersson made deadpan comedy.“

„The social-political satire „The Barefoot Emperor“, by Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens, is the most delicious movie yet. The actors Udo Kier and Geraldine Chaplin are excellent!“

„The Barefoot Emperor is an absurdist and quietly beautiful political satire laugh riot. Insanely committed deadpan performances, and of course Udo Kier and Geraldine Chaplin are brilliant.“

„While Peter Van den Begin may shine as the Belgian King, it’s Geraldine Chaplin who takes home the MVP award. As Lady Liz, she delivers some of the film’s most important lines Films such as „The Barefoot Emperor“ remind of us the truth in comedy.“

And after Toronto, the King and his entourage start their travel around the world!

The European premiere of The Barefoot Emperor will be also the opening night for the 35th Warsaw Film Festival! After that there will be festival screenings at Ghent, Zagreb, Cairo, Seville, Turin - the journey goes on!

* * *
The Barefoot Emperor is a production of Bo Films (Belgium) in co-production with Topkapi Films (Netherlands), Propeler Film (Croatia), Wajnbrosse Productions (Belgium) and Art Fest (Bulgaria) with the financial support of Bulgarian National Film Center, Eurimages and the national film funds of the co-producing countries. The Barefoot Emperor was presented as project and works in progress at Sofia Meetings.

The film's production designer is Sabina Hristova, Petya Simeonova have done the makeup and hairstyles, photographer is Nedelcho Hazerbasanov.

Bulgarian producers are Mira Staleva and Stefan Kitanov.

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