The New Bulgarian film “Petya of My Petya”, dedicated to the memory of Petya Dubarova, will open the 24th Sofia Film Fest on the 12th of March in Hall 1 in NDK

The film was named after the short story “Petya of My Petya” written by the exceptional young poet Petya Dubarova. The director Alexander Kossev and the writers Valentina Angelova and Nelly Dimitrova lift the vail of the past to present Petya Dubarova and her talent to today’s young generations.

The film is a contemporary story. We need to emphasize that this is a film about Petya Dubarova without it being “about Petya Dubarova”. The story is not biographic, but Petya is present with her true essence and her most valuable legacy – the wisdom and talent she endowed to future generations”, shared the writer Nelly Dimitrova.

The aim of the film is to build a bridge between the past and the future. The story is based on the parallels between two teenage girls from different times: Petya Dubarova and Petya Monova. One is bold and modern, while the other one is wise and mythical.

Petya of My Petya” poses many questions – if you stay forever 17 and retain your ideals, does this prevent you from becoming a boring adult? How do you overcome the disappointments of love? Can you give up or you have to keep striving in spite of everything? The contemporary Petya needs to find her answers between life and death – will she choose life or follow the faith of her favorite poet Petya Dubarova?

The film was shot in less than a month, entirely in the city of Burgas. It is a production of “BOF Pictures” and coproduction of “Concept Studio”, with a support form Bulgarian National Film Center and the Municipality of Burgas. The cinematography is by Ivan Vatsov, the producer is Nikolay Urumov, and Krastyo Lambev is a co-producer of the film. Among the actors in the cast are Alissa Atanassova, Aleksandra Kostova (who we know from “Monkey” directed by Dimitar Kotzev), Alena Vergova, Julian Vergov, Yasen Atanasov, Albena Pavlova, and Vasil Banov. Many of the actors were born in Burgas and over 500 of its residents were included as extras.

Petya of My Petya” is a film-confession, inspired by the poems of Petya Dubarova, and the somewhat forgotten teenage ideals and beliefs of its creators. The story of Petya is still alive today – nobody can win the battle against the system, but this does not mean we should stop trying.