Director - Andres Veiel
Script - Andres Veiel
Camera - Pierre Bouchez, Claus Deubel, Johann Feindt, Rainer Hoffmann, Jörg Jeshel, Lutz Reitemeier
Music - Jan Tilman Schade
Producers - Alexander Bickel, Heike Hempel, Klaus Volkenborn
Production - Journal Filmproduktion
We meet Stephanie, Karina, Constanza and Prodromos while they are preparing for their acting school auditions. The selection procedure takes months; it is a trying, nerve-racking time spent vacillating between hope and anxiety. All four make it into the school, but their initial euphoria is soon followed by deflation in the face of merciless criticism of even the slightest shortcoming by their tutors. In this way, their passion for their chosen vocation is constantly put the test.


Berlin ’04 – Panorama Audience Award


  • 20.09.2021
    GOETHE-INSTITUT - 19.00 часа