Director - Ana Kitanova
Script - Ana Kitanova
Camera - Angel Balakchiyski
Music - Stefan Valdobrev
Cast - Pavel Yossifov, Stefan Kitanov, Nikolay Evstatiev, Evstati Evstatiev, Iliana Kitanova, Tona Kolarova
Producer - Stefan Kitanov
Coproducer - Dobromir Chochov
Production - Art Fest

75 year-old Pavi (Pavel Yossifov) is a colourful person, who lives in a clay house in the forest without electricity and running water. He constantly reads under the candlelight and is always interested in what happens around the world. Amidst his little kingdom of newspaper cuttings, transformed into a collage, Pavi dreams of getting some of his short stories published and thus being recognized as a writer.

Coming soon in September!

*The film was made with financial support of the Bulgarian National Film Center.


  • 23.09.2021
    DOM NA KINOTO - 20.30 часа