Director - Rémi Chayé
Script - Rémi Chayé, Sandra Tosello, Fabrice de Costil
Animation - Liane-Cho Han
Music - Florencia Di Consilio
With the voices of - Salomé Boulven, Alexandra Lamy, Alexis Tomassian, Jochen Hägele, Léonard Louf
Producers - Henri Magalon, Claire La Combe, Claus Toksvig Kjaer
Production - Maybe Movies
1863, a convoy in the American West, Martha Jane needs to learn how to take care of horses to drive the family wagon. Except she ends up wearing pants and cutting her hair. The scandal that its stark character provokes will force her to face all the dangers in a gigantic and wild world where everything is possible.


Annecy ’20 – Best Feature Film


  • 21.03.2021
    DOM NA KINOTO - 11.00 часа
  • 24.04.2021
    DOM NA KINOTO - 11.00 часа
  • 18.09.2021
    DOM NA KINOTO - 11.00 часа